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What I Do

My art is created using various combinations of welding, carving, painting and engraving on salvaged industrial forms. I've diverted countless tons of material from the waste stream, and hopefully I'm helping people see the beauty and value in so-called "junk". As an artist, I benefit from the unique shapes and odd details produced for functionality (my process is a collaboration with unknown people who were unaware they were creating sculpture) which are often improved by being dented, gouged or partially crushed. I also love the gorgeous surface patinas and textures created by the forces of time, the gradual reclamation of nature.

What I'm Doing in 2008

Public sculpture - University of Colorado,

Boulder, CO

I've been commissioned to create a recycled sculptural installation on the University of Colorado campus reflecting student commitment to the environment. The project coincided with the demolition of the Sibell-Wolle building, and I was given on-site access to salvage materials for the sculpture. I recovered 20 tons of steel, brick and sandstone, including ten I-beams, a flight of stairs, rails from a spiral staircase, and the museum and gallery signage.

Public sculpture - Kids Corporation,

Newark, NJ

Kids Corporation is a non-profit organization that cares for children living in
Newark, New Jersey
through programs and services that provide medical care and bolster academic skills. They also operate Kids Camp, a 125-acre property with a water park. I will be creating "King Neptune", who will preside over the world of flower fountains and raining umbrellas.

Stage Design - Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in

Manchester, TN

Last summer I was invited to bonnaroo by Clean Vibes, the festival recycler, to create artworks promoting recycling. I began by painting on steel drums, and ended up creating artworks for the Solar Stage, the only one of bonnaroo's eight stages powered exclusively by solar power. I framed the stage with fifteen-foot tall barrel totems and painted a twenty-foot banner across the top. I will be returning this summer to finish the stage.


Previous Events:


Designing a Stage at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

This summer I was invited to create artworks at Bonnaroo, (the largest music festival in North America), which attracts 100,000 people to a 702-acre farm outside Manchester, TN. I was brought out by Clean Vibes, a waste-hauling company that also promotes recycling through education. I spent two weeks working on site; beginning by creating art from recycled trash barrels for the Clean Vibes booth, and ending up working for the festival who asked me to design a stage. I created 15-foot-tall steel drum totems for either side of the Solar Stage, (the only of Bonnaroo's seven stages powered by solar energy), and painted a 20-foot banner that went across the top. This gallery shows the unfinished barrels in progress and winds up with the finished stage in action...

Creating Huge Sculpture at the Taos Solar Music Festival

I then went to New Mexico to make art at the Taos Solar Music Festival in Taos, NM. I found a large piece of sheet metal in the desert outside Taos and painted it next to the main stage during the course of the festival. I also placed huge sculptures ("the Sun King" and "the Peacock Goddess") on either side of the stage. These photos show the progression of the painting during the festival...

Showing "Found Steel" at Envision Gallery

Following the Solar Fest I left all of the art at Envision Gallery, Taos, where I have a show called "Found Steel". Here is the work inside and outside Envision...


"Steel Awakening" Longmont Museum and Cultural Center, Longmont, CO